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Martin Jacobson


Martin Jacobson

  • Born
  • Sweden
Martin Jacobson, Sunlight, bro, 2012
Martin Jacobson, Sunlight, bridge, 2012

In the paintings of Martin Jacobson myths meet and mingle. The intensity of his colours reinforces the sense of dream and unreality. He finds his sources of inspiration in abandoned pictorial material, in old book and magazine illustrations from the late 19th century. He recycles them, picking apart and reassembling disparate pictorial elements, then drawing and painting them in Indian ink and colour. Thus he slowly constructs his own fantasy worlds. Martin Jacobsson reflects in the art of man’s place in the world and the existential questions of human life. He is educated at Malmö Art Acadamy.

More works by the artist

Martin Jacobson, Birches evening II, 2012
Martin Jacobson, Forest trail, bright light, 2012