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Find parking


Find parking

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Map of Södra hamnen in Skärhamn and parking spaces

Skärhamn is full of life during the summer! Boats dock in the harbour, the beach is filled with beachgoers and the museum welcomes art-interested visitors from near and far. Many visitors travel to Skärhamn by car. Outside the museum you can find 29 parking spaces, of which 4 are reserved for those with disability parking permits. The parking lot in front of the museum might get crowded, but within 5–10 minutes walking distance, it is usually possible to find free spots that also offer beautiful walkways to the museum.

Take a look at the map above to find parkings spaces in the area near the museum. You can also click here to recieve the map as a PDF-file. On the map you will also find information about how long the parking time at each location is.

For more information about regarding parking at Tjörn, please visit Tjörn municipality's website. Parking are generally free of charge, but may be limited in time. You can also contact Tjörn's tourist office if you have any questions.

Welcome to Tjörn and Nordiska Akvarellmuseet!

What's on at Tjörn?

Traffic to The Nordic Watercolour Museum can be affected by activities and events that take place on the island of Tjörn. Have a look at the program while planning your visit – maybe you'll find more activities to experience in the area!

Events calendar on Tjörn municipality's website
Two children running on the board walk next to a wooden boat house