Adam Saks

Born 1972, Denmark

Adam Saks visual idiom is expressive, powerful and personal, all at the same time. A tough masculine, military or marine context is often poised against an exposed sense of loneliness. Saks’s work is rich in charged symbols. He explores questions relating to masculinity, sexuality, violence and death, but also to love. His work frequently deals with differing approaches to themes of respect and honour, deriving inspiration at times from the codes and tales of the French Foreign Legion. His early works are pregnant with atmosphere, delicate and sensitive.

Later Adam Saks moves towards a darker palette, his colours becoming rich and mellow. His pictures vibrate with tones of icy blue, ochre and violet. His watercolours rebut the common view of watercolours being only small scale. For him, watercolour is not merely a matter of upholding tradition but first and foremost one of experimentation.