Bernd Koberling

Born 1938, Germany

Since the 1960s Bernd Koberling has occupied an important position on the European art scene. His art is both powerful and personal. Koberling creates spatial layers in his poetic paintings. He derives his inspiration for his watercolours from the untamed natural scenery of northern latitudes, and for the past 30 years has paid regular visits to Iceland. His gaze is drawn to the innumerable details and variations in the arctic flora and his watercolours capture life at the microcosmic level, with roots, berries, windblown plants and fungi.

Bernd Koberling’s sensitive watercolours are like alchemical experiments testing the richness of colours and their relative opacity. Pigments react in different ways when mixed with one another. Nuances vary. And thus are formed delicate, sensitive creations where all seems to merge, while traces of the artist’s hand are erased. His pictures allow us to glimpse the sublime.