Isol (Marisol Misenta)

Born 1972, Argentina

The work of Isol ranges across the fields of pictorial art, music, design and poetry. In her role as a writer of children’s books “pitched to suit the child’s specific age” she won the prize for literature in memory of Astrid Lindgren (the ALMA Prize) in 2013. She seeks fresh formats and shifting between the humorous and the drastic. Her pictorial works are often characterised by a broken line, by double outlines and simplified colour schemes. Even in printed form her books convey a sense of handcraft.

Isol refuses to flatter or to idealise but works confident in the child’s ability to interpret what he sees. She often collaborates with the poet Jorge Luján, for example the picture book Tic Tac (2002). A child asks the mother: How much do you love me? But how do you measure love? Perhaps as much as the tick-tack of all heartbeats? Isol’s work is marked by reflection and feeling. Isol looks to children’s intelligence but also their intuition.