Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir

Born 1977, Iceland

Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir creates on paper, preferably in a large format. She retroactively turns her drawings into animations and uses them in installations and murals. Her visual world is mysterious and personal. It is populated by headstrong imaginary beings. The meticulously drawn figures take monster, animal and human form. At first glance, they may seem reminiscent of fairy tale figures from harmless children’s stories. But soon, a brutal, grotesque, sometimes frightening and blasphemous bite is revealed in her imagery. Body fluids, hints of violence and unequal struggles are evocative of horror film aesthetics, but simultaneously softened by a healthy dose of humour. The animations have no conventional narrative. Instead, one image leads to a completely different one. In this way, the artist confronts us with life’s tragicomic turns, in which context and order are mere illusions.