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Jockum Nordström


Jockum Nordström

  • Born
  • Sweden
Art work: Jockum Nordström, Stormen / The Storm, 2015
Jockum Nordström, The Storm, 2015

Jockum Nordström doesn’t bother with passing art fads. He is firmly rooted in his own visual world. Drawing is the foundation of everything he creates: pictures, animations, collages, installations, storybooks, record sleeves and matchbox sculptures. Every character, human or animal, is portrayed in stylised, playful shapes. Nordström’s imagery oscillates between the aesthetics of children’s drawings, naïve folk art, lewd elements and political satire. The background often features the typical architecture of the urban periphery. 

The sheets of paper saturated with watercolour form sober compositions in a warm, earthy palette. Seemingly monochrome surfaces shift when the pigments find their way through the water. The fragile and tactile quality of the materials delights the eye. Never cloying. Always with a slightly tender shabbiness. Singular visual narratives emerge and hover between crass realism and burlesque fantasy.