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Saara Ekström


Saara Ekström

  • Born
  • Finland
Saara Ekström
Saara Ekström, from the video work No Body I-III, 2007

The art of Saara Ekström revolves around essential questions regarding life and death as an eternal cycle. She reveals too a strong interest in water as the source of life, while time is one more important theme in her sensual creativity. Embracing a range of artistic techniques that include installation, drawing, painting, photography and video, Ekström chooses to work with items and physical materials such as hair, blood and such living objects as flowers and oysters.The choice of materials is dictated by how the artist sees that they can cast light on the passage of time and the transient. Some of her works are allowed to shrivel and wither away while others last for ever. Even in her watercolours Saara Ekström captures contrasts and opposites, the alluring and the repulsive. Alongside the beautiful there is space for the unglamorous. The beautiful and the ugly are seen to complement each other.

More works by the artist

Saara Ekström, Autistics, 2000
Grotesque Arabesque
Saara Ekström, from the video work Grotesque & Arabesque I, 2005