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About the museum

About the museum

A meeting place for art, nature and people, an arena for art based on water, pigment and paper.
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The Nordic Watercolour Museum has since its inauguration in 2000 explored watercolour painting, contemporary and historically. This is done through exhibitions, research, art education and by promoting the contemporary Nordic art scene. What began as a desire to highlight an artistic medium, has grown into a larger context, which is reflected both locally and internationally.

We break down the watercolour medium into its main components: water, pigment and paper. We look at these components from three perspectives: the watercolour as tradition, the watercolour as expression and the watercolour as concept. We broaden the meaning of the word "watercolour" when we examine its role today and yesterday, with the goal of enriching people's lives through exciting and powerful encounters with art.

Art education & PROGRAM

One of The Nordic Watercolour Museum's basic ideas is the concept of art and learning. Since day one, the museum has conducted a wide range of educational activities. We work closely with schools from the municipality of Tjörn and also offer activities to the rest of the region as well as the rest of the country. Every year, a wide range of courses is offered, for young and old, experienced and beginners. Guided tours, audio guides and activities are of great importance to enrich the experience of ongoing exhibitions. Over the years, we have developed digital communication as a path of knowledge and are continuously developing new ways of making art accessible.

Through events, the art experience is both deepened and broadened, and is linked to the museum's basic idea of being a cross-border place for encounters between art, nature and people. The events may serve to the museum's main task: to convey knowledge and share the experiences of watercolour as an art form.


The Nordic Watercolour Museum's mission includes encouraging meetings between artists and promoting artistic and creative development. We do this through research, projects, collaborations and our residency scholarships, among other things. The projects we run, by ourselves and in collaboration with others, have over the years centered on art education and digital communication as well as artistic expressions and picture book aesthetics.

The museum was declared 'Museum of the Year' in 2010

“For the museum’s successful work in demonstrating with consistent quality the range and breadth of watercolour art and in attracting large numbers of visitors as a result. The museum produces world-class exhibitions and is a model for others in the links it establishes between museum, research and education. The museum expands boundaries and displays the world to the local community. A museum that has transformed a community.”

Support the museum

With generous support from partners, The Friends of the Museum and private individuals, the museum's art collection can continue to grow. By supporting the museum financially, you will be a part of writing art history. You can choose whether your contribution should go to art acquisitions, art education, research or other development. Do you want to make a financial contribution to the museum? Contact us and we will provide more information.