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Fredrik Söderberg

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Fredrik Söderberg

    Fredrik Söderberg, Hell - Receive the Flame, 2021

    The Nordic Watercolour Museum will begin the year 2020 with an extensive solo exhibition of Fredrik Söderberg's magnificent watercolours. We dive into a rich oeuvre that alternates seamlessly between different themes: the figurative and the abstract, between the complex narrative and the monochrome calm.

    Fredrik Söderberg's art is usually based on a thorough investigation of historical periods and a history of ideas. Here, complex existential issues are analysed, the ambivalence between good and evil and the difficult concepts of ”right” and ”wrong” are reflected. In addition to a strong visual experience, the viewer is also forced into a thoughtful reflection.

    Fredrik Söderberg works in large series. The works vary in format, from relatively small to large. The figurative paintings are full of beautiful details that form a grand whole. The references derive from ancient and biblical stories, and connect to artists fascinated by both drawing and darkness: Albrecht Dürer, William Blake, Aubrey Beardsley, but also William Morris, the leading figure of the British Arts and Crafts movement.

    With references to both the spiritual and occult, to alchemy and astrology, Fredrik Söderberg has created precise symmetrical compositions, reminiscent of both Tibetan mandala and meticulous architectural sketches of building facades and temples. His abstract paintings fascinate with their exquisite colour and harmonious composition. His art is generally imbued with mysticism. In intricate ornaments of silver, gold and coloured bands, we see figurative and abstract forms in which matter and spirit meet.

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    Interview with Fredrik Söderberg, produced by The Nordic Watercolour Museum 2020 (English subtitles)

    Pictures from the exhibition